Documenting the streets of Hobart on my phone as they were at one moment in time.


My Hobart street corners project began on 21 February 2018. As I was walking to work and waiting for the lights to change, I looked up Murray Street. It occurred to me that this street corner would only look like this at that moment. I was inspired to get out my phone and take a picture looking up the street to document that exact point in time.

I laughed because people on the other side of the road turned and looked up the street to see what had got my attention . . . and nothing had. I had taken a picture for no reason other than that this was what this corner looked like at 8.48 am on Wednesday 21 February 2018 (bird flying overhead included, not cloned out like I thought I’d do when I thought it was a spec, because it was there at that moment too).

It seemed like a good idea for a photo project. Taking photos of everyday scenes of street corners with my phone as I’m walking past with no aim in mind other than to capture what that moment was like.

In 2019, I set up an Instagram account, Hobart Street Corners, for the project.

I’m now going through the process of editing and posting the backlog of photos, and will update this gallery as I go.

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