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The 365-day black & white project evolved from a seven-day challenge on Facebook at the end of 2017 to make a black and white image every day for seven days, with no people and no explanation of the photo.

I enjoyed doing this so much I decided to keep going for a year. I started to experiment with contrast and seeing how far I could push an image, and I became engrossed in the work. I posted a black and white photo every day in 2018 on my instagram account.

These images were mainly of the little things, the mundane things I saw every day. A house, a pole, a door, something on the ground. But sometimes they were the things that stood out and screamed “look at me”.

Sometimes I processed the photos normally, but sometimes I liked to experiment to create a high contrast image that documented the subject in a different light, from a different perspective. These were over-processed images that were nothing like reality, and they weren’t intended to be. Most of these photos were made on my iPhone 6. Captured on the phone camera and originally processed in Snapseed, I changed to Lightroom CC for Mobile later in the year.

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